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Can your ad agency get you 30,000-70,000 views per month?
We can.

Did you know your car wrap can…

> Work as a moving billboard?
> Boost your name recognition by 15%?
> Reach 30,000 – 70,000 sets of eyes each month?
> Make more impressions than any other outdoor ad?
> Work for your company 24/7?

Your average customer

> Has traveled more than 300 miles just last week.
> Is spending more and more time in the car each passing year.

Get 1,000-2,300 views per day.

Questions? Let’s talk.

Car Wrap FAQ

How many people will see my car wrap?

Tons! Your car will become a moving billboard, and you can park it wherever you would legally park a vehicle. Wherever it’s parked, it’s working for you… no permit required! Pretty great, right?

Can you do boat wraps?

Yes! We have wrapped anything from refrigerators to golf carts to boats. If it has a smooth clean surface, we can probably wrap it.

How much does a car wrap or truck graphic cost?

We don’t give canned prices. We focus on accuracy and quality. will give you the most specific price possible. While many companies use a template, we like to be as specific as possible. Partial wraps can be as little as 900.

Can you do magnets or vinyl lettering?

Yes, we do both, but wraps are actually less harmful to your vehicle’s paint.

Won’t the vehicle wrap damage my vehicle’s paint job?

No. If removed by a professional, this will actually protect your paint.

How long do vehicle wraps last?

Your car wrap will be exposed to the elements. Our car and truck wraps are the highest quality in the industry. We stand behind our craft. If any issues with your car wrap arise, we are quick responders. Remember that this isn’t a paint job. Think of it as a billboard.

Do I have to wrap the entire vehicle?

We have a wide variety of wrapping options. Click here to see some vehicle wraps!

How long will it take to wrap my car or truck?

From the moment you sign off on the final artwork, it can be about two to three days. Sometimes, depending on the scope of the work, we can do a car wrap in less than a day.